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Jehangir Medical, founded in 1971, holds the credit of being "The First Indian Manufacturer Of Electrosurgical Equipment". The company has been manufacturing state-of-art new generation equipments & accessories since last 35 years. The company continues to provide solutions to many challenging surgical problems through consistent research & product development.
MONOPOLAR (Frequency 500 KHz)
PURE CUT   300 W    300OHMS
BLEND        150 W    300OHMS
BLEND          75 W    300OHMS
BLEND          90 W    300OHMS
SPRAY COAG.   120 W    300OHMS
POINT COAG.     80 W    300OHMS
BIPOLAR (Frequency 500 kHz)
BIPLOAR COAG.    80 W    100OHMS
BIPLOAR CUT.     120 W    300OHMS
Dual pedal Footswitch and / or Dual control
Single pedal Footswitch / Bipolar forceps.
Separate audio tones for CUT / COAG. / BIPOLAR
commands. Alternating audio tone for patient plate
fault. (If under command)
AC line Voltage 200 Volts to 250 Volts AC RMS, 50 Hz
single phase. Machine output unaffected in the
specified range, hence suitable to use without
additional voltage stabilizer.

SIZE :  Width 415mm, Height 160mm,
           Depth 385mm

WEIGHT : 8 Kgs.
ACE - 300 - The most progressive Electrosurgical generator

Its unique State - of - The Art technology offers

  • Monopoloar & Bipolar output
  • Spray coagulation & precise pinpoint coagulation
  • Pure CUT mode and three other modes of Blending at finger tip.
  • Plus numerous safty features. truly a sugaon's choice

Spray coagulation with safe isolation quickly controls bleeding with minimal tissue destruction. We call it ĎSuper Sprayí. Thatís because it provides superior control of bleeding with less depth of tissue necrosis and minimal destruction. Spray coagulation can be used to give rapid fulguration for virtually all types of procedures from delicate micro-surgery to demanding oncology and thoracic surgery.


Precise pinpoint coagulation is also achieved in monopolar mode and provides precise control of localized bleeding. So it is ideal for use in a small, defined area.


Pure cutting mode plus three other selected BLEND modes (mixing of CUT & COAG effect) for superior blending options. The CUT mode offers PURE CUT for smooth, clean cutting.



a) Footswich : CUT/COAG. Pedals.
b) Pencil swich : Cut/COAG. Button

Appropriate LEDís turn on with respective command input. a) and b) may be simultaneously connected to the machine and any one can issue command audio tone, to identify the CUT / COAG. command.

Interlocks: Simultaneous issue of foot switch or pedal switch (or CUT from Footswitch and COAG. from Pencil switch) will cancel the commands, resulting in no audio tone, command LED and no power output. This is a safety feature.

If Alarm LED is ON, (i,e. patient lead fault), then monopolar commands from Monopolar Footswitch / Handswitch are disregraded, i. e. CUT / COAG. LEDís cannot turn on. However a dual audio tone only is issued on any monopolar command. No surgical power output can occur.

a) Footswitch (single pedal) Command can be issued from Bipolar Footswitch if the panel indicator is FS in the bipolar block. Issue of the command is indicated by LED as well as an audio tone.

Precedence and Interlocks: Bipolar has precedence over monopolar that means if bipolar & monopolar are issued simultaneously, then bipolar is executed disregarding monopolar.

PPF (Patient Plate Fault). disconnection of one or both leads of patient plate circuit will turn on ALARM LED. In this case, any monopolar command will produce 2 tone audio, no command LED, no issue of monopolar command & no monopolar power. Bipolar block remains unaffected and is functional in spite of ALARM LED ON as it is not related to patient plate of monopolar generator.


The Biopolar mode offers fine coagulation, minimises charring and tissue adherence. Plus you can perform Bipoloar Coagulation under water and under magnification with virtually no tissue build - up. Separate foot switches for monopolar CUT or COAG. mode and Bipoloar Footswitch for Bipolar Coagulation in priority. Easy to use. Easy to operate and more safety too.


Our Bipolar CUT technology lets you nearly eliminate excessive current, even during precision cutting in minute tissue structures.

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