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Jehangir Medical, founded in 1971, holds the credit of being "The First Indian Manufacturer Of Electrosurgical Equipment". The company has been manufacturing state-of-art new generation equipments & accessories since last 35 years. The company continues to provide solutions to many challenging surgical problems through consistent research & product development.
FORCE 500: The advanced programmable microcontroller Electro-surgical Generator (ESG)

This ESG is specially designed with programmable features where a Doctor can store 9 different programs in an individual mode which is governed by the microcontroller. All error if any, is monitored and rectified by the microcontroller. This high-performance ESG has three monopolar cutting modes and three monopolar coagulation modes.It also has Bipolar Cut (ENDO Cut) and Bipolar Coag mode.

A RESSY monitoring system of the patient plate fault(PPF) is a salient feature of this equipment.

This ESG is USER FRIENDLY and has maximum safety features for the doctors as well as for the patient.

This ESG doesn't produce any sort of NEURO MUSCULAR STIMULATION while operating at any settings.

Return Electrode Sensing System (RESSY)

Is an advantage of this unit that ensures highest level of safty by providing indication off facility (LED shuts OFF) and further it also provides an audible alarm whenever any monopolar command is given, indicating that that the patient plate is not properly connected at either end. This gives us the advantage of a SPLIT PLATE TECHNOLOGY.

A versatile model for all type of surgeries

This ESG delevers the output power as per requirement of surgeries. It can be used for all types of surgeries viz., Open surgery, neuro, ENT, Opthalmic, Laparoscopic, TURP, Endoscopy, TCRE etc.

Two seprate generators for Monopolar and Bipolar

In this ESG, there are two seperate generators for Monopolar and Bipolar modes. the Monopolar generator dilivers HF current for Monopolar Cut and Coag and the Bipolar Coag and Cut (ENDO CUT).

Last program is restored

Even if there is sudden cut-off in electric supply (power), the last program is automatically saved in the memory of the micro-controller and the user can by retrieve the saved program after the power resumes by pressing the desired program set by that particular doctor.

Self checking of all modes through Software program

When this ESG is swiched On, the micro-controller through a software program has self cheking parameters for all modes and if there is any error, it rectifies immediately. The micro-controller has a supervisory check control over whole unit.

Independent Power setting

In this ESG,9 different can set and store the output power individually in different modes and can operat by recalling the stored program from the memory.

Monopolar Cut

Pure Cut: This mode offers pure, smooth and effective cutting. It offers precised controlled cutting with no hemostasis. NO Dragging effect of tissues hence produces good results for TURP,TCRE, laparoscopic and in other various procedures..

Blend 1: This mode offers cutting current mixed with coagulation current which gives a blending effect, hence cutting is achieved with minimum necrosis.

Blend 2: This mode offers cutting current with more percentage of coagulation current. Hence cutting is achieved with NO necrosis.

Bipolar :

Bipolar Coag:
This mode offers fine coagulation which minimizes charring and tissue adherence.It can be used in clinical bipolar procedures such as Neuro, ENT, Ophthalmic,Laparoscopic surgeries etc. Bipolar Coagulation command can be activated either by Footswitch or in Auto mode

Bipolar Cut mode offers smart control over consistent cutting of tissues. The Cut technology lets you eliminate excessive current even during prcision cutting in minimum tissue structures. The system is intelligent to change the coagulation interval as the tissue density changes and hence produces fine cutting with coagulation effecf.

Monopolar Coagulation

Spray : Spray coagulation is mainly useful for larger area of bleeders without physically touching the electrode to the tissue. We call it 'Super Spray' because it provides superior control of bleeding with less depth of tissue necrosis and minimal destruction. Spray coagulation can be used to give rapid fulguration for virtually all type of procedures from delicate micro-surgery to demanding oncology and underwater surgical procedures.

Force : Force coagulation is mainly effective where faster and coagulation is required for larg vessels and bleeders.

Soft : This type of coagulation is specially designed for gentle, effective, virtually no sparking,which keeps the tissues to minimal neceosis.

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