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Jehangir Medical, founded in 1971, holds the credit of being "The First Indian Manufacturer Of Electrosurgical Equipment". The company has been manufacturing state-of-art new generation equipments & accessories since last 35 years. The company continues to provide solutions to many challenging surgical problems through consistent research & product development.
Electrosurgical Equipment
  • Fully solid state design
  • Independent Monopolar and Bipolar generators with
  • isolated outputs
  • The Monopolar generator provides CUT (with
  • switch selection of BLEND) and COAG facilities
  • while the Bipolar generator is for Dessication
  • Bipolar Generator has Auto switching with delay or
  • footswitch control
  • Operating modes are identified by audio tones and
  • panel lights
  • IIIuminated ON/OFF switch
  • Suitable for underwater CUT and COAG
  • Provision for control by pencil switch or foot switch
  • Simultaneous CUT and COAG command
  • recognises
  • COAG only for pencil switch or footswitch control
  • Patient plate leads supervised during Monopolar
  • operation. Disconnected patient plate lead/leads will
  • disregard hand or footswitch commands
  • Audio-visual indication for patient plate lead faults
  • Natural convection cooling with silent operation
  • Separate output sockets for BIPOLAR
a) Surgical handle with cable
b) Needle electrodes set
c) Double pedal foot switch with cable
d) Stainless steel patient plate with cable
e) TUR adaptor
Optional (Extra cost):
a) Bipolar forceps with cord and jack
b) Monopolar forceps with cord & jack
c) Pencil switch with cord and jack
e) Servo type AC line regulator
Monopolar Generator:
a) Two wire patient plate jack
b) Active Output
c) Pencil switch terminations
d) Rear panel foot switch connector

Bipolar Generator:
Separate terminals
Power: 230 1%, 50 Hz single phase
Size : (w) 490mm; (h) 180; (d) 290mm
Weight: 15Kg
Monopolar Generator: (Frequency 500 25KHz)
CUT Control full scale (PURE) 375 20W, 500 load
CUT Control full scale (BLEND) 250 10W, 500 load
COAG Control full scale 125 15W, 500 load
Bipolar Generator: (Frequency 650 50 KHz)
Output level full scale 60 10W, 125 load

Monopolar Generator:
CUT Mode:
CUT level & BLEND level panel controls. Mode
indicator light and corresponding audio tone
COAG Mode:
COAG level panel control
Mode indicator light and corresponding audio tone
Patient Plate Monitor:
Continuous monitoring of patient plate leads integrity
faults indicated by light and corresponding audio tone.
Faults will disregard CUT/COAG commands for extra
Bipolar Generator:
BIPOLAR level panel control
Mode indicator light and corresponding audio tone
Generator Selector:
Can select Monopolar Generator or Bipolar Generator,
Bipolar Generator can be selected to operate in Auto
or Foot-switch control mode.
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